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Steve made a soft hm in response with a small tilt of his head, curious and weirdly pleased with the answer. He had to admit their town was nice although he wouldn’t classify it as his favorite. “I suppose since you seem to know all of its secrets I can see how.”

Up ahead the gate to the park, wrought iron fence curling neatly skyward, signaled the start of their actual walk in the park which though not spoke of by them both Steve was still holding onto him as they did so. He couldn’t help but notice really, a flutter of pleased nerves dancing around within him yet not so much so that it left him scatter-brained. Luckily it also left him with the ability to focus on his words, an arched brow of amusement coloring his expression before he responded. “Now that we’re here I’ll be able to see if woodland creatures approach. I’m not going to write you off so soon.” Mirroring his playful smile, he kept his gaze locked on the bright blues peering down at him. “And to prove your’re a beast well… we’ll have to wait for midnight though I can’t say I’ll be running scared if you are.” He flexed his arm, giving him a tug into the park and along the path. 


"Haha bravery, I like it."

It would seem Steve had taken possession of his arm and honestly Thor didn’t mind in the slightest. It was a sunny day, he’d just shared a meal of fine food and coffee and he had an attractive, talented man on a date with him —-the soldier really couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday afternoon.

"So tell me. You’re a pianist by night, painter by day…do you love what you do? Or are you aspiring towards something different?"

Who Believes The Monster’s Innocence


Bruce panted slowly, his still glowing eyes moving from Thor to the other Asgardians and then back to the familiar god. “Who attacked me?” Bruce asked, glancing down at himself for the first time to check for his pants. As per usual, however, after having transformed back, Bruce was not wearing any pants.

Of course.

Fortunately, Bruce had long given up to care about his dignity.


That anyone had attacked him was more interesting to him right now, though he had absolutely no idea just who of the many people that he knew would risk doing that could have been responsible.

"I…am alright," he nodded, knowing that he would be. He always was after the Hulk had transformed back, removing any signs of ever having been anything but fine, a source of frustration at times. “Would it be possible to get something to cover myself with, please?”

Bruce glanced behind Thor at the other Asgardians, then back at the familiar thunder god.

The god exhaled, “It looked very much like one of Fury’s Helicarriers. I cannot say that with any certainty though.”

Passing along the pair of simple pants one of the assistant Græðara had handed him, Thor continued gently,

"Regardless of whom, the suggestion Fury made was that you remain a guest here upon Asgard for a while, until he is able to send word that things have settled back upon Earth…that is, if it is alright with you? We certainly will not hold you here against your wishes my friend, if you desire to return to Midgard now."

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Though he had given Thor the directions to his room his mind hadn’t jumped to he would have to move right that moment. Yet almost immediately the Asgardian maneuvered his arm and the soldier clenched his jaw tight from the seeming grating of his bones against one another just from the jostle then tried to relax, the pain ebbing slightly.

"Thor, what are you—" He had thought he’d help him walk except the moment he lifted him from his position an unwanted hissed gasp escaped between his lips, the pain that seared the entirety of his back and shoulders forced him to shut his eyes tight to fight the nausea that came with it. Still he kept breathing, harsh breathes that they were, and let him carry him to the bedroom without a fight. "I might need a bucket," he admitted begrudgingly as a hot burst of pain had him swallowing thickly. "Hall closet." He was afraid if he said more he might be sick and hated it, and this, needing so much help so soon and making Thor worry, his own concern leaping forward at the agony that was building within him. 


"To your chambers first, we can worry about other things then." Thor negated as he moved swiftly towards the Captain’s room, all the while remaining cautious not to jostle the being in his arms too greatly with his movements.

The room the Asgardian had been directed to could best be described as simple. Shades of greens and beiges and browns, wide spanning windows similar to his own, and a few choice paintings…but altogether forming a calming vibe broken only by the shield propped up against the bedside table. 

Immediately Thor made for the bed, lowering Steve onto the surface on his side so that no part of his back would suffer the pressure of his own bodyweight. Concerned instruction followed at the next noise of distress the mortal made,

"Shift onto your belly and face over the side if you have to. I shall find you that bucket and return presently, you have mine word."

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"I'm just a Kid From Brooklyn..."

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No Pretence - John H. Clarke

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STOP! I can’t even

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                || so firstly— apologies for the shitty graphic ^^; 
                         i’ve been here a little while and have just started to get my account back on track after being on semi-hiatus and i felt like doing something nice. even if you’re not mentioned here, it doesn’t mean i don’t want to roleplay with you — i love you all!

( quick shoutout to luxnacy for sticking by for nearly two years now! i’ve never met someone so special in my life — thank you for making me happy every single day, babykins. i love you ♥ )

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     Well! Here we are, almost 300 followers and it’s been eight months since I started rp’ing here. Lemme tell you, this has been the best experience I could have hoped for. I’ve met the most amazing people, gotten to write with such wonderful and talented folks, and made some of the best friends I could ask for. I’m seriously the luckiest person, and sometimes I know I forget that, but the fact that you all stick with me and cheer me up through the harder times makes me so happy. I honestly can’t express how much Liza and I love you all.

My Loves::

captain-outoftime— Abby my dear, you’ve been with me from the beginning almost, and the fact that you’ve stuck around so long means the world to me. I was so nervous to put myself (and Liza) out there, but when I saw that you’d started your Steve around the same time as I’d made Liza, that comforted me slightly— course it took me months to find out that you were the Jane I stalked! xD But I love you girlie, and I love that you’ve stuck with me for so long. I just hope I can keep you around for as long as I can <33

wintersbrokensoldier— Megannn, my dearest gem of a person and my favorite Scot, you’ve stuck with me for forever, too. And the fact that we basically stared at each other from afar for ages always makes me laugh, especially considering how far we’ve come. This ship and the fact that it just came out of nowhere is one of my favorite things, and I never want it to end. I love you, babes, and I love writing with you and I love talking to you and I just… yeah. Don’t ever change <33

asgardianhammer— Have I told you already how much I adore you? Because I do. I love writing with you, and these two idjits make me so happy you have no idea ^-^ Thank you for putting up with my shenanigans on Skype and for being occasionally whiny and annoying. Thank you for being amazing and pushing me to be better, and thank you for just being generally awesome. Ilu bby <33

valerieallbright/regulusxtonitrui— BABES. Jen, you’re another one who’s been with me for forever, and bless your heart for putting up with me being an ass. I know sometimes wires get crossed and things get misunderstood, but know that no matter what, I’ll always love ya. You’re amazing and talented and just… yes. Don’t ever leave meee <33

shieldintheice— Torriii. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna say it again- thank you for being awesome. Seriously, even if I’m not feeling down, you make me smile. And you’re so talented, your writing is amazing, and don’t even get me started on the feels-inducing Thundershield stuff you and Mir do. You’re amazing and I love you ^-^

mdbraelyn— My first in-state buddy and fellow OC! Jackie, you’re amazing, okay? You’ve got such a big heart and you’re an amazing writer, and you manage being a mom and an rp’er so well despite what you may think. I love you, dear, and we will have that playdate with the kids soon! Soooon!!

science-and-sass— My favorite Spidey! Seriously, I’m pretty sure at this point that you are Peter, except for the fact that you’re better at hiding your secret identity ;) I know you’re dealing with some hard stuff right now, but just know that you’ve got people who love you even though we’re half a world away. Don’t ever give up doing what you love, because you’re fucking fantastic <33

mischievousprinceloki/iampatienticanwait— Fellow Katie, and my favorite Loki-slash-Thranduil ^-^ Your muses are perfection, I hope you know that dear. I’m so glad you’re back, and I’m so glad you’re feeling better. You’re seriously so fantastic, both ic and ooc, and I just love seeing you on my dash. Not to mention I love writing with you! You’re amazing and fantastic and I love you, don’t ever stop <33

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Cinnamon Maple Coffee Cake

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